Under 15 Squad Honoured

Templeogue United's Under 15 squad were honoured by South Dublin County Council last week, in recognition of their achievements last season, lifting both the DDSL Premier League and The All Ireland Cup. The players and their parents together with club officials were invited into the council chambers.

Elaine Leech, from the County Council gave a brief history of the team and listed their achievements, which are many. The Lord Mayor then addressed the players and recognized that they are the most successfully football team in the South Dublin area.

The Club Chairman, Albert Johnston, thanked the Council, on behalf of the Club, for their help with improving our pitches and looked forward to this good work continuing. He said good quality surfaces would be a great help in producing more teams of this caliber.

Addressing the players he reminded them that many of them now have eight or more winners medals, and that very few people could aspire to that. He said that there was a bond between them that goes beyond football and that the memories of these years together would be with them for the rest of their lives

Manager Alan Kinsella also addressed the Chamber. He thanked the County Council and the Club for their support. He thanked his fellow coach, Eric Stokes, and the parents for their help and understanding. He said that while his players all had great ability they were also very lucky. The Club's All Weather pitch came on-line as many of his players came out of the Academy, allowing good quality training during the winter months. The players parents also bought into the idea of training three times a week.

He said he was very proud of his players and their dedication to their football, and that if they applied that dedication to their chosen field ,inside or outside of football, that he had no doubt that they would succeed.

Damien Richardson, former Professional Footballer and Eircom League Manager, also spoke to the team. He told them that he had two runners-up medals earned at schoolboy level for Home Farm and that he still treasures the memories. He also said that no matter where they went or what they did in life they would always remember these years.

He praised Templeogue United and other clubs who continue to produce top quality players and said he had no doubt that several of the players would become professional footballers and that they should always be grateful to the Club and their managers for the opportunities afforded to them.

After the speeches all were invited into the Council Canteen for some tea and sandwiches

This is another memory that will live with the players for may years to come

Many thanks to Elaine Leech and her team for the warm welcome and orgaisation, not to mentioned the spread put on in the canteen.

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